12 March 2009

More Reconstructed Clothing for Inspiration!

I've been digging around on the internet, working my way feverishly through blogs and forums to find inspiration for my Reconstructed Clothing Challenge, and I must say, I have found some pretty great things! Here are some of the awesome projects I've seen:

Men's dress shirt becomes women's casual shirt!

I found this adorable reconstructed shirt at this blog called Random Blogging. She took one of her husband's old plaid dress shirts and turned it into a casual shirt for herself!

First she cut off the sleeves, then she tailored the body of the shirt. She shortened the sleeves and sewed them on so that the cuffs opened to the front. Very Cute!

There isn't really a tutorial there, though I imagine anyone with any sort of sewing skills ought to be able to figure it out. (As I have mentioned before, my sewing skills.... Not so good. But that won't stop me! I want to prove that ANYONE can do it!)

How to felt a sweater!

This Threadbanger tutorial (I looooove Threadbanger!) shows how to felt a wool sweater and turn a boring pullover into a badass custom cardigan!

Too big? No problem!

Another of my greatest sources of inspiration is ReadyMade Magazine. They perpetually provide me with all kinds of great creative stimuli.

In this article, they show you how to take two too-big sweaters, cut them up and re-arrange them into custom works. (Okay, can you tell I like the sweater projects?)

I think I might start out with the felted sweater idea, since it requires the least amount of sewing know-how. And I can move up from there!

I will keep you all informed of my adventures (and possibly misadventures) in reconstructing clothing. I'm getting excited about this, I should go to Goodwill today and find a good wool sweater to work with!

Would anyone else like to join me in this challenge? Come on, you know you want to try your hand at it! And I would love to put up a gallery of awesome custom clothing!!!

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