16 April 2009

Recycled Seatbelt Crafts

I've loved seatbelt crafts since before they were cool, at least this time around. About 15 years ago I had a belt made out of old seatbelt and decorated with bottle caps that I think I ordered from the Delia's catalog.

Lately I've seen a lot of women with woven seatbelt purses, so seatbeat crafts have made a comeback! I started looking around for other uses besides belts and bags and came across a couple of nice ideas. My favorite idea for recycling safety restraints (of what I have seen so far) are these spiffy guitar straps from Souldier Straps on Etsy. Many of the seatbelts used for these straps came out of vintage cars, and they are embellished with vintage fabrics. They are made custom to match your axe -- how cool is that?

I also like these camera straps they have for sale over at Photojojo. They are handmade in Chicago and come in four colors -- Porsche Purple, T-Bird Teal, Mercedes Gold, and Dodge Silver. However I'm willing to bet I can salvage the hardware off an overstretched pair of suspenders and talk to my gearhead friends and find someone with a parts car I can nab a belt off of. Then I can just whip up my own!

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  1. OMG I had the same belt! I thought it was so cool back then, now I am mortified that I wore it ;)