16 May 2009

Macrame Dog Collar

I love macrame. I've been tying knots since my summer camp days as a child; and remember those embroidery floss friendship bracelets that were all the rage in the early 90's? I knew a girl who could make a plaid pattern in hers, and I was SO jealous.

My passion for macrame was further fueled in my teen years, when my best friend's older brother introduced us to the Grateful Dead. We started making necklaces to sell at craft shows.

After so many years, I've become bored with necklaces, though I still love macrame. Which is why I have started looking for other macrame projects that interest me. And I must say, I particularly enjoy this dog collar I found at Free Macrame Patterns. I don't have a dog, but I do have a cat, and he is indeed in need of a collar.... Hmmmm.... :)


  1. That's amazing!! I just don't understand macrame, but it looks really cool!! Love the colors.

  2. wow,, this is realy nice, ilike it, but i need more detile how to make this one, cuz if just saw the picture hard to practice,

  3. please share more details on how to make this!